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Hey, this is Ryan Levesque here, and I’m very excited to introduce our special guest of the hour. The one, the only Mister Marvin Leventhal, Marvin, how you doing my friend? I am doing great. Ryan. How are you? I’m doing really good. Let’s talk about, what’s the market, who do you serve and what do you sell?

I am focusing my expertise in helping course creators, coaches and consultants, achieve success by implementing technology that will allow them to transform what I call their content into cash using something that I learned from you actually, do it with you and do it for you model love it.

So, you stumbled upon this idea of a quiz funnel. and the power that a quiz funnel might have in business and walked away with a quiz that we’re gonna take a look at here in just a moment.

Talk to us a little bit about the results from that quiz and really just the first few months of taking this thing live.

Quiz funnel technology is amazing. And I think people love this.

I started creating a quiz with, a psychologist and the next thing I know this quiz is blowing up in terms of the amount of leads and optins and people answering and it just spread like wildfire. So spreading like wildfire, you know, what are we talking like?

You know, 30 people, 300 people, like in total, how many people have taken all these quizzes? Close to 38,000 leads in the last couple of months. So it’s unbelievable.

At the time of this screenshot, which is obviously out date, the second you take the screenshot cuz you’re getting 350 leads a day, almost 33,000, opt-ins through this process. So opt-ins of course being people who have signed up as email subscribers.

For anybody who has tried to build an email list. They know the value in that email list is that you have an audience of people that you can now sell products and services to.. Like you don’t have to wonder if I build it, will they come? No, you can reach out to that audience of people, ask them what they’re struggling with, what their pain is, what their challenge is. And then based on their responses, you can give ’em exactly what they need and it’s virtually guaranteed to be successful.

Maybe you could talk a little bit about what you’re paying in terms of cost per lead for this list Right now 16 cents a lead. That includes, the advertising on Facebook and actually the opt in to become a lead.

16 cents a lead that’s, incredible. And you’re in a market where, you know, typical cost per lead could be 2, 3, 4, $5 a lead, depending on what channel you’re using and the strategy you’re using to generate those leads. So 16 cents a lead is incredible. You did speak about something a moment ago that I want to come back to.

And it’s a lesson that I just want to unpack for anybody who’s watching this right, thinking about maybe using a quiz funnel or creating a quiz funnel for their business. And it’s this idea that you want to solve for some type of pain. You wanna identify the pain and solve for that type of pain?

Maybe you just speak a little bit more to that for just a moment. Yes. Everybody has solutions for all kinds of different, situations, problems, experiences that people are having and taking them to a quiz funnel is where you can actually find out really what is the pain that they are experiencing and due to your knowledge, expertise, you know, whatever it is you learn or the way that you can actually provide a cure and solve that pain.

In a way that, you know, satisfy whoever is the end user. I also understood that building a list is probably the most important things you can do because everything else is not under your control, but when you build your list and the bigger it is, the more opportunities you have and that you control it.

Cause you own it. It’s yours. It’s not somebody else’s. So it’s huge. It’s the difference between building a business on rented land and land that you own tomorrow. Facebook could change the rules and decide, you know what, we’re not gonna, allow businesses to advertise on Facebook. Google tomorrow could change the rules.

YouTube tomorrow could change the rules, but when you build an email list. This is a list that you can take with you wherever you go. And when you have this list of people, I like to say your list is the single most valuable asset in your business. Because, if someone even said to me, they said, Hey, Ryan, if you had to start over tomorrow, you could have nothing.

You would start from scratch. No products you’d have no team. You’d have none of these things, but you could pick one thing that you would take with you to start over. If I just had my list, that’s it. I could send an email to that list of people tomorrow and be back up and running within minutes generating income, generating revenue, by being able to ask that audience.

What Is A Quiz Funnel ?

It’s a marketing quiz that asks a potential customer a series of questions, so you can customize your product, service, offer or message based on their situation.



Advantages of quiz funnels?

They provide cheap leads, high conversions and fast results.

Why quiz funnels?

Human desire for self-discovery, a process based on non-threatening micro commitments and finally the ability to personalize results.


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This client wanted qualified leads to upsell into their high ticket self esteem coaching program. The campaign was a roaring success.

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